Water shows

Design, creation and realization of shows displaying various aquatic effects. Some of those effects can reach height of 100m! They can be floating (on sea, lakes…) or hanged in pool from 20 to 200 meters long: it depends on what you want your show to look like. Same thing for the duration of the show: depending on your choice and the effects you've chosen, it can last 10 to 30 minutes.

The aquatic effects are enlightened thanks to LED spotlights with multiple colors. Both the lightning and aquatic effects are then programmed to be perfectly coordinated and synchronized to the soundtrack of the show.

The show can be completed with many other visual effects: video projection, laser (projected on a water screen, on walls), or even fire effects, such as flames…

It's also possible for you to have a made to measure show: in that case we handle the writing of the scenario, the creation of the video effects, the realization of the soundtrack. It's a real show, which appears on water, act by act, just like a play. Our goal is to mix fountains, video, lasers, etc. on a chosen theme. To enable you to have a look on your future show, we provide you various images and 3D simulations: it's a way for us to make sure that we've reached a result as close to your desire as possible.