« Venise, Vivaldi, Versailles » show - Château de Versailles

The 24th June, 1st, 8th and 15th July a pyrotechnic and aquatic show is displayed on the Grand Canal.

On the Vivaldi's "Four season", Christophe Berthonneau (Groupe F) produces the "Venitian Festivities on the Grand Canal". This pyrotechnic and aquatic show welcomes a 7 500 people audition, every Friday. A way for us to discover the splendour of the nautical festivities, Louis XIV used to have on Versailles fountains and pools.

This show is conceived with the participation of Crystal Group/Michel amann.

Crystal group handled all the water effects, installed on the Grand canal (fountains over 240m long). This impressive installation is composed of many water effects : 48 oscillating jets, 30 straight jets, 20 archway jets, geysers, chalices, volcanoes…effects that can reach heights between 20 and 45m. The water effects were improved by the pyrotechnic effects, and a splendid lighting.

Water show - Nimes

On the 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th august a water show on the Vivaldi's "four seasons" theme, is installed in Les jardins de la Fontaine.

For the third year, Crystal Group designs and produces a water show in the middle of Les jardins de la fontaine, for the city of Nimes. A 25 minutes-show, mixing water effects, video projection, flames…synchronized altogether on a soundtrack, real tribute to Vivaldi's masterpiece. 3 shows played each night, and welcoming a wide audience, won over by this amazing show…Over the three years, this show have become THE event of august in Nimes.

Crystal group plays with water effects installed in a 80m long pool, reaching 35m High, but also with video projection on the great walls, and flames. This year a dance troupe will be dancing to the sound of "Singing in the rain"…

Unanimous acclaim from the press:
« The water show 2011 is amazing and captivating » - le Midi Libre – 13th August.

For the third year, Crystal Group designs and produces a water show in the middle of Les jardins de la fontaine, for the city of

11th July – An ice decor, made by Crystal group is displayed in Praha.

For an indian wedding, celebrated in Praha, Crystal group designs and installs ice creations, with inclusion of flowers : a gigantic Ganesha, many candelabras for the ceremony but also, to decorate the cocktail area, High bar tables, tables, bottles presentoirs…

All these items were entirely carved and sculpted in a Crystal clear ice, in our workshops. They were carefully moved to Praha in refrigerated trucks. Some sculptors of our team were sent to Praha to install these creations.

Bride, grooms and guests : eveyone felt the magic of the ice!

Ephemeral mosaic

Made-to measure table, made by Crystal Group for Julien Septanil.

Crystal group creates a square table, 1m50 x 1m50, covered with black plexiglas and two-way mirrors. A parasol with its Crystal pendants is reflected in the checked Mirror.

Mirror and Crystal perfect this beautiful decor.

This creation is especially made for Julien Septanil (decorator), for the présentation of his brand new creations at Le Pré Catelan Lenôtre.